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With strategic accounting and advanced tax planning you can save many hours on your accounting per week and take off accounting from your plate so that you can concentrate on building your  Cannabis, Hemp or Regular business!

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Reed's Accounting Services & Bookkeeping, PLLC


We are dedicated accounting professionals that will guide your cannabis/hemp business through the difficulties and pitfalls of the cannabis industry. We offer World Class Accounting for your business. We are experts in Cannabis/Hemp Accounting.

Do you know the IRS pitfalls if your accounting is not done correctly?  We do!

Is your inventory and cost of goods sold being done correctly?  If not you could be seriously penalized!  We know how to do it correctly!  Is the 280e causing you problems? We know how it's to be done!  Is the correct IRS filing form being done correctly for your CBD/Hemp company? 

We are trained in Cannabis/Hemp Accounting by the best of the best!  We are part of national network of CannabisHemp/CBD Accountants, CFO's, Enrolled Agents, Bookkeepers and Attorneys. 


We are also General Business Experts, in all types of industry.  We can keep your business compliant with Regulatory Agencies and give your Business the best reporting.  We will give you World Class Service.

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