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Does your Accountant provide you full service?

What Reed’s Accounting Services & Bookkeeping, PLLC Provides


· Proprietary Chart of Accounts for cultivation, dispensaries, manufacturing, extraction, labs and delivery services.

· Internal Controls

· Cost of Goods Sold done correctly so that your company is always in compliance.

· Software solutions

· Banking solutions

· Inventory tracking solutions.

· Professional onboarding and cleanup.

· Solid recordkeeping, with documents attached for each entry.

· Bookkeeping (Bank/Credit Card recs, Basic Financials, Printed)

· Accountant/CPA review of entry and reconciliations.

· Preparation of GAAP Accruals, Including required Cost Accounting.

· Preparation of Month End Tie Out Report (All Balance Sheets/Profit & Loss Accounts tied to supporting schedules, reconciliations/accruals.

· Preparation of Professional/GAAP Financials and Month End Reports.

· Preparation of 9-month Rolling Cash Forecast at least twice a month.

· Other Value Add Docs (Models, HR Docs, etc.)

· 280e Tax Workpapers for Cannabis (convert GAAP to 280e/471 ready.)

· Tax Prep, Annual Tax Planning, Strategic Planning.

· Perpetual Data Room (all corporate, financial, tax, insurance, contracts on cloud, always ready any day, every day for investors/lenders/auditors.

· Fixed Fee Pricing/ We grow as you grow.

· More Cash: Increased margins, better tax planning and maximize all available deductions.

· More Time and Peace of Mind (less CEO time on financials and worry about compliance)

· More expertise (access to the premier network of CPAs, CFOs, Enrolled Agents (EAs), Fraud Experts, Accountants, Attorneys and Bookkeepers.

· Better Compliance as records and accounting are more robust.

· Responsive and Reliable/ Available when you need us!

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